October 23, 2017

Tap2Tag Connect on the Toronto's Startup Fashion Week Runway

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Make New Connections Lasting Connections


We live in the age of change. Your job title, your company, and your email address are no longer static information. The batch of 500 traditional business cards you order today might not represent you next week. 

In the Connect Card, we have created a new system of communicating your business information - one that works with the modern Smartphone. 

Order it once and update it as you update your job.



Each Connect card uses a unique NFC (Near Field Communication) pairing code to connect the physical card to your profile in the cloud. 

Unlike other wireless communication devices, Connect NFC does not broadcast your signal. The NfC chip in your Connect Card is read only.

The Connect card employs a double authentication system. To alter a profile, you must know both the name associated with the card and the user selected password. The card requires actual contact with a smartphone - the tap - to activate information portals. 

Tap2Tag platform are secure to SAS 70 level 3, the same level as your bank.

Our help desk is open from 8am to 6pm, EST


Help Desk: (844) 387-4290


Email: customersupport@tap2tag.ca

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